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Today many families prefer to have a Civil Celebrant officiate, as the service is more personal focusing on celebrating a person’s life and sharing memories.
But of course if people still wish to have a Minister or Priest officiate at their local church or our funeral home chapel we can assist with this also.
Or some families even prefer to conduct it all themselves. At David W. Bull Funeral Directors we can assist and discuss all the options available so that you can choose the most appropriate for your needs.

During the funeral arrangement meeting, the staff at David W. Bull Funeral Directors can assist with the wording and formatting of
personal family notices and also the funeral announcement notice. These of course can be placed on behalf of the family in any newspaper selected.
Please note we can also place a funeral notice on our page to assist people who wish to attend the service. But may have missed the notice in the newspaper.

The Funeral, Memorial or Celebration Service may be held at one of our modern funeral home chapels.
You may also prefer to have the service at a local church, family home, garden, your local football club rooms, hall or crematorium chapel.
Or just a graveside service at the cemetery or some other special place that was meaningful to the person or to your family.
When a Service is held at our funeral home chapels we can also arrange catering and light refreshments to be served afterwards.
This allows time for family and friends to spend time together and to reflect on their special memories for their loved one.

The staff at David W. Bull Funeral Directors require details for the Registry Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
The details are submitted for a certified copy of the death certificate on behalf of the family.
We can supply a Personal Profile form at request to assist with the information required.

The choice of a coffin or casket is often a difficult decision to make during the funeral arrangement meeting.
The main difference is in shape; a coffin has tapered ends, whilst a casket is rectangular in shape.
Coffins and caskets are manufactured in a wide range of veneered and solid timbers.
We also have Eco Friendly Coffins available in our range. And a range of Custom Designed Coffins eg.Football teams, favourite cars or sports.
Caskets are the top of our range they are available in a choice of hardwoods and metal.
David W Bull can supply you with a catalogue and pricing range on request.

A choice can be made whether to have your loved one dressed in their favourite clothing, we suggest the clothing that is provided also
has underwear and shoes included. Or a burial garment. i.e. polycotton nightie, shroud or habit (male/female) can be provided.