Pre-arranged & Pre-paid Funerals

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Taking care of your funeral costs can give peace of mind and remove the financial burden for your family and friends at a difficult time.

The Bendigo Funeral Bond is a capital-guaranteed savings and investment plan that solely accumulates funds for your funeral expenses.

The importance of planning

Most people don’t like to think about the death of someone they love, let alone contemplate their own.

We plan ahead for most of the major events in our lives, like holidays, weddings, children and retirement – and even for unpredictable events like illness and accidents.

The subject of funerals are often considered taboo or placed in the “too hard basket”. And this can leave loved ones unnecessary stress during a difficult time, when they are grieving and in shock and not thinking clearly.

On 1 January 2017 the Australian Government implemented changes to the assets test used to calculate pensions.

Investments of up to $12,500 (current threshold for the 2016-17 financial year) in a Bendigo Funeral Bond, are exempt from Centrelink and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Income and Assets Test.

You can ease the burden of your funeral arrangements and expenses with a capital guaranteed Bendigo Funeral Bond. Take comfort in having reduced the financial burden of your loss to your family by planning for unexpected funeral expenses.

Our staff are here to assist you in all options available to have the Funeral or Celebration that you wish.

When making pre-paid funeral arrangements with David W Bull Funeral Directors a contract is signed by both parties clearly stating what has been arranged and what has been paid for. This protects both parties at the time of death. It also allows families to comply with a person’s wishes.

David W Bull Funeral Directors Prepaid Funeral monies are invested with Bendigo Funeral Bond’s. It is designed to keep pace with inflation and rising costs of funerals.

The Bendigo Funeral Bond is in the applicant/Investors name. And we can arrange for our Company with your authority to be nominated or assigned as the Funeral Director. Therefore we as the Funeral director will guarantee that what is on the contract will be provided and we will be entitled to Bond proceeds when a claim is made upon death. There is a 30 day cooling off period at the time of signing.

Both parties cannot touch the money until a claim form has been completed and a death certificate for the applicant/investor has been provided. If David W. Bull Funeral Directors do not do the funeral the Funds are returned to the estate.

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