In Loving Memory
Brenton Barry Ellett

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Barry, Pam,
Danielle, Natalie, Rachelle, Amanda (dec),
and Emily (dec)
warmly invite our family and friends to a

Memorial Service to celebrate the life of our son and brother,
Brenton Barry Ellett
at the Cardinia Cultural Centre,
40 Lakeside
Boulevard, Pakenham on
THURSDAY 7th February 2019 at 10.30am.

Brenton Barry Ellett 
11th Feb. 1979 – 25th Jan. 2019
Aged 39.
Tragically taken.

Darling only son of Barry and Pam.
Adored and treasured brother of Danielle,
Natalie, Rachelle, Amanda (dec. ), Kylie and Emily (dec. ).
Devoted father of
Lucy and Sophie.
Much loved brother-in- law
of Greg, Gary and Stu.
A hero uncle to Matt,
Cam, Lach, Josh, Ben,
Hannah, Jai and Joel.
Brent, you were a beautiful son in every way. 
– Mum and Barry.
Brent, My son, My mate, My best friend.
Never thought you wouldn’t be here to carry on the farm.
Life will never be the same.
Forever in my heart.
– Barry.
Dear Brent, I loved you so much.
You were the
best son I could ever ask for.
What will I do without you?

Love you forever. – Mum.Little brother, I know I always insisted I was
your favourite sister and you always denied it,
but I still don’t believe you! Will miss your wit and smart
alec one liners, but not so much those just a bit too hard
friendly punches on the arm. I forgive you for being a
day or two late with my birthday messages and sometimes
not remembering at all, but I won’t miss your constant
reminders of how old I was. I’m so glad we had that one
on one chat not so long ago. I did say love you kind of
jokingly at the end of that conversation, but I meant it.
I can’t really believe you’re gone. Will miss you little brother
and never ever forget you. Rest in peace.
– Danielle and Greg.

Brent. I’m devastated. I can’t believe you re not here,

my beautiful, big, strong, handsome brother. I was always
so proud of you. I’ll miss your shy manner and dry sense
of humour and your trademark self- deprecating smile.
I’ll miss our long, rambling phone conversations –
the light-hearted stuff, but also the more personal.
Thanks for always being there. The boys will miss you dearly,
they think you can do no wrong. We never got our Point
Break code sorted, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back.
– Natalie, Gary, Matt, Cam, Lach, Josh and Ben.

To my gorgeous brother Brent, I just can’t believe you’re gone
I helped you milk the cows every Saturday and Sunday morning
and will treasure those memories for the rest of my life.
I’ll miss your dry sense of humour and that gorgeous,
cheeky smile. Oh, Brent, how do we mend our broken hearts?
I love you and will never forget you. Sleep peacefully, Brent.
– Rachelle.

Oh, Brent. What am I going to do without you in my life?
Although you were my little brother I always looked up to
you as my big brother. Such a beautiful, caring, charming soul.
How honoured and privileged I’ve been to call you my brother.
You are and will always be our precious and super-fun uncle
to Hannah, Jai and Joel. I love you so, so much and will miss
you more than you can imagine. It wasn’t meant to end like this.
What a team we were, Brent. I simply adore you and always will.
– Kylie and Stu.

Thank you, Uncle Brent for letting me ride the fire engine.
It was super fun. I will really miss you. – Hannah.

Thank you, Uncle Brent, for letting me drive and steer the
John Deere and giving me icy-poles. – Jai.

Condolences / Guest Book

  1. Brent my favourite friend who brightened my everyday with your presence, gorgeous smile and hilarious banter. I miss you so much. Cherished memories and forever in my heart, love you Brent.
    Deepest sympathies to Brent’s loving family, his biggest supporters and best friends- Pam and Barry, Danielle and Greg, Nat and Garry, Rachelle, Kylie and Stu; your precious little girls- Lucy and Soph, and all his adrored nieces and nephews.

    Brenda Adams
  2. What a very special memorable service, Brent you really are a true hero, Gonna miss you mate, Sympathies to Brentons Family..

    Carl Bertuna