In Loving Memory
Ursula Irmgard Morgan


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Family and Friends are warmly invited
to celebrate the life of Ursula
David W Bull Pakenham Funeral Home
190 Princes Highway Pakenham on
Thursday 24th March 2022
commencing at 2:00 p.m.

A private cremation will follow.

No flowers by request.

Should you wish to send your personal condolences
to the family, please leave a message on the
“Leave a condolence” link located on this page.

Condolences / Guest Book

  1. Dear Chris and Leah and family. I wish so much that we could be with you but Greece is just a little too far away. Ursula is one of the best people I have ever known and I shall miss her terribly. I shall miss our phone calls, her messages on Facebook to me, her love and her friendship. My love and thoughts are with you in what I know is going to be a very trying time. Love Noel

    Noel Bradey
  2. Today I say – see you soon,
    To a unique and very dear friend ,
    Who has provided us with over 20 years of joy ,
    And a bond that will never end ,

    Chicken legs in a mini skirt ,
    And ashing in your purse ,
    From pushing your car through the country side ,
    And occasionally being your nurse,

    From pokies and dancing in driveways ,
    To great trips a far ,
    To enjoying many dinners ,
    And frequent stops at the local bar

    To someone who was always a great support ,
    And loved to laugh and dance ,
    To someone with a wicked sense of humour ,
    And finding their great romance

    To someone who loved music,
    And loved gossip and pics of my new flowers ,
    To someone who always picked up the phone ,
    She just knew if something was wrong – one of her special powers

    To someone who’s friendship never waned,
    Over the test of time ,
    To someone who’s rough gruffly laugh ,
    Will be a great memory of mine ,

    To someone who made a road trip hell ,
    But can reflect on it and joke,
    And to someone that made every occasion special ,
    And looked for a reaction to provoke ,

    This is not a goodbye but Thankyou ,
    For being who you are ,
    We will see you soon ,
    I will keep looking in the sky for the brightest star .


    Michael Vera-lobos
  3. Ursula I met you many years ago through Line Dancing … we became good friends with or without dancing …. I will miss you so much .. Fly High Beautiful <3

    Carol Stanley
  4. Deepest Sympathy’s to you Chris ,Damien and Leah and families on the very sad loss of Ursula.
    Thinking of you all and sending hugs .❤️

    Frances Watterson (Aunt Fran)
  5. Over 25 or more years ago I walked into a hall at Hampton Park that changed my life.Who knew we would be on this crazy wave of friendship fun and laughter.Thankyou for all that you shared of yourself with everyone that you met.You had that natural ability that drew people to you,and also a great sense of humour.Our friendship remained strong after you stop teaching line .dancing. I was privileged to be at your wedding to Chris and be your matron of honour in Sydney and saw how happy you we’re together.You even took a few of us on your honeymoon to New Zealand,I think Chris thought that was stretching the friendship a bit .
    Over the years we have remained close friends and would have many a debate over different issues,although some people could question how we were still friends still.We understood each other and had respect and love for each other always.
    Well my dear friend it’s time for you to fly to the stars.I know you will be watching over Chris Damien and Leah.
    Every time I look up at the stars and have a glass of whiskey in my hand I will say
    Cheers mate,love you
    My deepest Sympathy’s to you Chris Damien and Leah and families ❤️
    From Trish and Matthew and family xo

    Trish Ruston
  6. I met the beautiful young Ursula Schlenk 50+ years ago. I was still in my teens, she early 20’s. Both single & ready to take on the world. Music was our passion – still is. Over these years we drifted in & out of each other lives, but each return we took up from where we left off. I am very sad & will miss our conversations all by messenger of late. I believe we will meet up again, perhaps heaven. My sincere condolences to Chris, Damian & Leah. I wish you all love & strength at this time. I will come to celebrate her wonderful life, I am sure with lots of music. Fly high my friend xxxx

    Sue Hunter
  7. Such sad news losing someone so very special. I hadn’t seen Ursula in ages but every time I did run into her it was like I’d seen her yesterday.
    Sending special condolences to family on the loss of a very person who I feel will be sadly missed by many.

    Marilynn Miller
  8. Such a wonderful friend, supporter and inspirer.
    Always there When I was going thru a hard time,
    very patient with me when trying to teach me a dance,
    so glad to see her enjoy her life so much more since meeting Chris.
    Will miss her heaps.

    Kaye Crossland
  9. My friendship with Ursula is the most random, unexpected friendship I have ever made in my life. An online friendship that began because we played the same online game. I play a few online games and while I may chat in the game, about the game, I have never forged an ongoing outside the game conversation, let alone friendship, ever before. Stranger Danger! Who is this Australian woman that keeps chatting with me?

    Ursula changed that notion completely for me. And while our friendship may have been all virtual, it was very real. I am blessed to have three years of messaging between the two of us that I will look back on and treasure. Daily conversations about what was going on in our lives, our adult children, gardening, travel, politics, the world, the pandemic, our worries, successes, loves and losses, advice, support, teasing, and laughter. Lots of laughter. I will remember the laughter the most. There are no words for the bright light she was in my life. I never met Ursula in person. But, our friendship means as much to me as if we had. And the sadness I feel about her passing is just as painful.

    Chris, Ursula loved you without measure. You were her everything. She was so happy to have found you.
    I know it is you and her children that will suffer her passing, greater than all of us combined. I hope all the love, all the stories and all the comments about Ursula and what she meant to so many that have been shared, will be some solace. One of a kind that gal. She will be missed. My deepest condolences.

    Valerie Carrillo
  10. Dear Ursula, you filled your life with so much love, fun and happiness, you faced your immortality admirably, as promised just a few weeks ago, your Leah will be looked after, you may rest easy knowing your girl has an extended family to care for her, keep watch over all your loved ones, and try not to cause too much havoc up there xo

    Raelene Nevill
  11. Though I can’t be there in person, I will be there in spirit. Sending love, sympathy to Leah and family. Dear Ursula, Dance in heaven surrounded by those already there. Stomp those boots, adjust your western hat & fly free. Xx

    Karen Donnelly
  12. RIP lovely lady. We were honoured to be part of your life and we will remember you with a smile on our faces and love in our hearts ♥️ ❤️

    Colette Connaris
  13. Our sympathy to our son Chris and Ursula’s family ,Ursula’s passing has left a big gap in many lives I,m sure,ours included ,xxx

    Ann and John morgan
  14. As you mourn the loss of a very special mother, may you find strength in all of your wonderful memories together. She will never be far from your heart.

    Debbie Reinholtd
  15. I’m very sorry for your loss Chris (& family)… taken far too early. I really enjoyed Ursula’s company and was looking forward to cruising again with you both. RIP my friend. ❤️‍now soaring with the angels. Xox

  16. My darlings…Our lives were made so much brighter having you both as friends. I expect there shall be line dancing-cruising and long Island iced tea in heaven. Much love to all. Robyn and Michael

    Robyn Jackson
  17. We are thinking of you today ,wishing we could be there in person to remember the gorgeous Ursula. So we will send love and remember her from afar. Our deepest condolences to you Chris and Ursula’s family.

    Penny and Warren
  18. Ursi, we will never forget your unwavering support and infectious energy. Thank you for being there for us since the very beginning, sharing so many beautiful moments through music. We only knew you a short 5 years, but it really felt like a lifetime. Rest in piece you beautiful soul ❤️

    Jess & Matt
  19. Dear Leah & family. Many hugs & blessings as you grieve for dear Ursula and celebrate a life of inspiration on the dance floor. May you cherish those personal magic moments shared! R.I.P dear Ursula!

    Shanthie De Mel
  20. Dear Leah, sending my love at this sad time, your mum will be with you always, safe in your heart. Remember all the good times you shared. This is not goodbye but Till We Meet again. RIP Ursula, beautiful inside and out

    Sally Graham
  21. There once was an angel
    Who cradled me with words of love,
    That angel reminded me
    I am enough,

    There was an angel who loved me for who I wanted to be
    While all others I loved insisted on hurting me

    There was that angel
    Pure in heart and soul
    Gifted to earth
    To spread love so we’d evolve

    To teach us courage,
    help us when we fall
    Love us entirely,
    guiding us through storms.

    Her gift here on Earth
    For the love that she shared
    Was to have family and friends who loved her every where

    A husband to embrace her
    Children to adore
    Friendships committed
    She shone in them all

    Till an hour come upon that day
    She was called back home
    She looks back at us
    Promising we will never be alone again

    We will miss you our dear angel
    Now you have your wings,
    We will reminisce life with you
    And the love you still bring
    We will be strong for you dear angel
    In faith, love and carrying on your light

    For your at peace now dear angel,

    Heavens sure to be shining ever so bright

    My heart is broken
    Never again to be the same
    My love for you
    An eternal flame.

    Love you mum xox

    Gail Hinds
  22. Dear Chris, Leah, Damien & all the family,
    We were so sad to hear of the passing of your beloved Ursula. We have fond memories of sharing a house in Camberwell with Ursula many years ago, lots of great times! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all at this very difficult time.
    Thanks Ursula for all the terrific memories
    Vic & Robyn

    Vic & Robyn Griffiths
  23. We will always remember your quick wit and love of all things Country. I never got the chance to see you at the TCMF, but you did try and teach me to line dance, and I think of you every time I hear the Nutbush x

    Beth & Andrew Sloane
  24. Dear Chris, My most heartfelt condolences for your loss. Whilst I never met Ursula, it is very clear from my peers that she was deeply loved and sorely missed. I know you will find comfort from the love of your family and friends.

    Nicole Best
  25. Heartfelt condolences to you Chris from here in North Yorkshire . Be strong & I hope when you come home to visit I can give you a big man hug . Feel for you and your family .

    Colin Wallwork
  26. Chris, it was so lovely to meet you and Ursula when Sue and I visited Australia. Your love for each other was so event. Maybe not as long as you would have wanted to share your lives together but the quality of happiness, fun and love will stay with you forever. Sending love. Carole x

    Carole Thompson-Young
  27. We are thinking of you today and will be right there with you via Live Streaming. Just so sad Covid prevents us being with you in person as we had planned.
    Leah & Damien, your Mum has always been so very proud of the beautiful human beings you have become and you have learnt from the best!
    She is so loved by us all & will be greatly missed.
    We send you, Leah, Damien & Chris all our love & support today & every day.
    With love, Aunty Karola, Uncle Winnie, Nay, Jada & Skye, Mel & Charlotte , Scott, Bev, Shakira & Tadhana

    Karola & Winnie Deefholts
  28. Sometimes we find myself just staring into space
    No sounds and no movements – just in another place
    Deep in thoughts and wonder where time stands still a while – replaying memories in my mind – my face becomes a smile
    My memories are my escape, they stay with me forever and I know I can at anytime replay our time together
    I can choose a special moment or a very special day – like a CD in my head – in my mind I just press play
    You are never far away – I know you are with me
    Also I know you watcheng me, while playing a memorie

    We have never before met such a beautiful person which touched so many souls. It is an honor to be called Ursula ‘s friend. She owns a big part of our hearts.

    Sending our love to Chris, Leah and Damian
    Our thoughts and our hearts are with you

    Christian & Konni
  29. My sincere condolence to Chris , Damian and Leah, Ursula never left my heart even after our devorce in 1973 we remaind friends.
    Chris you must be a very special person to cath Ursula’s heart . My deepest sympathy for your loss
    Alan Mee

    Alan Mee
  30. Dear Chris and family,
    We shall be with you all today in spirit from Pambula Beach. Sending all our love and hugs.
    Love Peter and Lynette xxx

    Peter and Lynette Haar
  31. My deepest sympathy and love to you Chris, my beautiful cousin Leah and Dami ..
    This is not goodbye my beautiful aunt until we meet again I will hold onto and cherish our special times together ❤️ The laughs that turned into snorts.. our late night D and M’s, our reminiscing over younger days with Grandma and Grandpa. Your intriguing life stories that I could never get enough of. In awe of the places and people you had been to and met. The music artists you had seen perform like Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley .. that made my jaw drop ..
    Our fun singing nights with the star of the show Chris Morgan doing a little crooning for us but.. the memory that will never get old and we shall never stop laughing about was losing you for quite some time when we went out for dinner at Santa Fe restaurant in Merimbula.. only to find that you had got lost in the lift wondering why the door kept opening to the same place outside that you already were .. if only you had turned around to see it was a two door lift .. I will keep in my heart all these precious memories and will keep telling those stories with your beautiful daughter Leah Deefholts and maybe get to listen to some more amazing songs from your person Chris ❤️
    I’m so grateful that I got to speak to you the other day and hear your voice and tell you I love you .. when the day comes make sure you are waiting with 2 scotch glasses in your hand ❤️ love you forever and always xxxxxxx fly high ❤️❤️❤️

    Shelley simpson
  32. Such a beautiful send of for an amazing funny beautiful lady. Will laugh and remember the fun times spent with you Ursula for the rest of my days. xxxx

    Luke simpson
  33. My sincerest condolences to you Leah, your mum was truly an inspiration to all who knew her, she will be sadly missed but always remembered as a beautiful, fun loving, caring, happy person. Loved that you learnt to line dance with your beautiful mum how special a memory forever. Sending you love & hugs.

    Gayle Forde
  34. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family Chris. It has been a pleasure knowing Ursula for a few short years, but it was clear from the moment I met her that she had a big impact on people and is loved by family and friends. I wish I could have been there in person today. May you Rest in peace Ursula your memory will live long through your family and friends.

    Ben Gallaty
  35. Chris, our thoughts are with you. We appreciate first hand the joy of finding that special person later on in life and the special bond you had for each other was very evident. A special lady that lit up the room and will be sadly missed by many. Michelle & David

    David Gorton & Michelle Hides
  36. Condolence to my brother Chris Leah and Damian you did Ursula proud the ceremony was a lovely tribute to her are hearts and thoughts are with you love Jan and Garry

    Jan and Gary