In Loving Memory
Michael Franz Staub

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Michael Franz Staub
Passed away by the grace of God on
18th December 2020 at 1:01 a.m.
Aged 58 years.

Dearly beloved husband of Lisa.
Loving father of son’s
Thomas, Ammon, Joseph and Damien;
daughters Cherie,
Melanie and Stephanie.

Tears in our eyes we’ll wipe away,
but the love in our hearts is there to stay.

A Funeral Service for
Michael will be held at
David W Bull Pakenham Funeral Home,

190 Princes Highway Pakenham on
Wednesday 30th December 2020

commencing at 10.30 a.m.
A burial will follow at the
Emerald Cemetery
169 Macclesfield Rd, Avonsleigh.

Due to government restrictions please
complete attendee list upon arrival.

Please click on the link below to view
the Chapel and graveside Service’s for Michael
which are scheduled to commence at
10.30 a.m. on Wednesday 30th December 2020.

Click here to view the Chapel Service for Michael

Click here to view the graveside service for Michael

Should you wish to send your personal condolences
to the family, please leave a message on the
“Leave a condolence” link located on this page.


Condolences / Guest Book

  1. A piece of my heart has just left me and is on its way to you and the boys ❤️I am speechless, but need you to know that all our love is being sent to you and if there is anything at all that I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask. Love you all ❤️Sharon and family

    lisa staub for sharon
  2. Hi Lisa. I just heard the news. Our deepest condolences on the passing of Michael. We will always remember his gentle soul and kindness to everyone. He has left a wonderful legacy – a beautiful and loving family. May his journey home be blessed. We will always be here for you & the boys if you need anything. All our love & best wishes. Laurie, Dan & Lawrence

    lisa staub for laurie
  3. God Bless you in your trials and struggle. It is hard when the one you love is suffering. Take heart dear one. “Be Still and know that I am God.” Much love Donna

    lisa staub for donna
  4. Oh dear Lisa. I just heard about your husband. I am so sorry. Lifting you and your boys in prayer. May God hold you all close. Love Jo.R. X x

    lisa staub for jo
  5. Thinking of you at this time and keeping you in my prayers If you need someone to talk to don’t hesitate to call lots of love Marg

    lisa staub
  6. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share all that with us. God is good!!!
    God willing, we would love to be with you on the 30th.
    Love & blessings
    Michael & Kerry

    lisa staub
  7. He only ever takes the best of this world too soon.

    Please do let us know, we would like to show you our support and sympathies. Love Charlette and family

    lisa staub for charlette
  8. Good morning Lisa & boys.. so sorry to hear about Michael. Just sending you and the boys love and condolences to the passing of your beautiful loving husband & Dad. I have lovely memories of Michael joining our bday dinners. Much love, Lili, Liam & Keegan

    lisa staub for lili
  9. Darling Lisa. Oh my heart is torn in two for you with the loss of Michael. I had not expected this, it is an awful shock for you and all of your friends. How are you and the boys getting on? This is huge and will take all your faith to cope with. What a beautiful man Michael was. A man of depth and interest, understanding and empathy. He made eye to eye contact and listened and responded in a conversation. I love that about him. He cared! You knew you were valued. I think in any time of trouble, he would be a great ally. And his smile, so broad and warm! My heart goes out to you beautiful lady. I will talk to you soon. All my love, Denise and Rodney xxxx

    lisa staub for denise
  10. My beautiful friend. Mum & I just got your msg. Sending you & the boys all our love & prayers. Mum will call later love Penni and Heather.

    lisa staub for penni and heather
  11. Hi Lisa ,
    I’m extremely saddened to hear about Mick’s passing . My sincere condolences to yourself and family .
    Regards Rocky
    And The Tiling House Crew

    lisa staub for rocky
  12. Dearest Lisa and family. Just letting you know that our deepest sympathy and condolences are sent to you today. Roy and I both feel your sadness and loss and want you to know that if there’s anything either of us can do to help you do not hesitate to let us know. Sending you much love. Pam and Roy

    lisa staub for pam
  13. Hey Lisa A freind of mine who knew Micky back when he was staying with me in Brisbane recently sent me this painting of angel Michael the character John Travota played in the movie .l could not help think of Micky thought you might like it. He looks like Micky do you reckon. Cheers Dave

    lisa staub for dave
  14. Dear Lisa, oh I’m so sad to hear of your loss. Our Dear Lord has Michael’s precious soul in his everlasting care. Lisa my heart goes out to you and your beautiful sons. In our thoughts and prayers. Your heart must feel like it’s been shattered into a million pieces…stay gentle with yourself sweet friend. May angels hover close. Love Donna and Mark

    lisa staub for donna
  15. My dear friend: I am so sorry to hear this sad news. You and your family are in my prayers. Blessings and strength to you. David

    lisa staub for david
  16. As the partner of Michael’s son Thomas, the little time I had with Michael left me with the impression of a man who is both so kind and so welcoming. He never faultered in opening his doors to me and was always up for a laugh.

    It is always sad to see such a good person being taken away. But we are all here for a reason and it is all beyond our understanding.

    May he watch on in peace, laugh and treasure all the past and future moments of his family and friends.

    Olivia Wardrop
  17. Hi Lisa and family,

    Really sad for your loss. worked a few times in the past for Michael but got to know him much more working on your house. Loved working for you guys always so friendly. We will miss him.

    God Bless,
    Andrew and Tony

    Andrew Webb
  18. Dear Lisa and Family
    I heard the news through Dave Wheelhouse of Mick’s passing and it left me absolutely shattered.
    my heart goes out to you and the boys and extended family
    Working with you and micky over the years was such a blast that it didn’t even feel like work,
    It has been an absolute privelidge to know him and my heart is deeply saddend of this new
    RIP micky ya blood ledgend xx

    From lee Martin and family
    Lamar industries in Perth Wa

    xxx love ya brother

    Lee Martin
  19. Hi Lisa,
    My heart is breaking for your family, and also for our sadness.
    We were blessed incredibly to have known Michael.

    We would love to attend the funeral, and in particular Dan wants to be there to support his best mate.

    Are we actually allowed to physically attend or is it via live stream only?

    Please please call out for anything. I would be blessed and honoured to help in any way.

    Love and prayers to you and the boys.
    Lisa, Jay and family

    Lisa Staub for Daniel Lisa Jai and family
  20. Dear Lisa, Thomas, Ammon & Joey.
    Through a torrent of tears we send you enormous virtual hugs. Sending our deepest sympathies at such a devastating time.
    Take care dear ones. Lots of love from us!! (Rod, Kim, Cody, Anna & Eva❣)

    Lisa Staub for KIM RODNEY and Cody
  21. Dear Lisa, I am sorry to hear that Michael has passed away. Our sincere condolences to you and your sons, Tom, Ammon and Joseph. Can I help you with anything? With all our love and sympathy. Edith and Morgan ❤

    Lisa Staub for Edith and Morgan
  22. Dear Lisa
    So sorry to hear
    about your sad loss. Michael was a kind gentleman and proud family man…I will always remember him fondly from our family get togethers…we wish you all the best through this difficult time
    luv Peter and Donna

    Lisa stain for PETER and donna
  23. Wishing the Staub family our biggest condolences. They are of the kindest nature and deserve happiness in their lives.

    As we look to the future, we see Michael looking down and smiling at how proud he is of his family and what they become.

    Wardrop Family
  24. So sorry to hear the news Lisa. Completely took me by surprise.
    Absolute champion bloke and I have never met anyone who said “Aye” so many times in a conversation.
    My heart feels for you deep down and I cannot imagine how things are this time of year.
    I feel proud to have crossed paths in this lifetime with Mick and enjoy his banter. So grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.
    Best wishes. Andy / Sydney

    Andrew Curnick
  25. Dear sweet Lisa, Thomas, Ammon and Joseph. I’m am so sorry for your loss. Michael’s goodness will always be remembered. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Michael through our son’s playing tennis together. His honesty, cordiality and warmth was very endearing. William, Tristin and I send our sincere condolences and sympathy. If we can be of any help please let us know. Best wishes and God bless to you all.

    Bronwyn Gardner
  26. Dear Joey and Family,

    just a little note to express my sincere condolences for the recent passing of your beloved father. Please accept my heartfelt sadness for you at this time of such difficulty. I know you will seek comfort from those around you; your loving mother and brothers and your extended family. Though, the absolute comfort comes from the peace knowing that your dear father rests now in peace and is seated at the right hand side of our Father in heaven.

    Joey, as hard as it will be to honour your dad on 30th, know that when is with you and will be proud of his son as you honour his name as your dear and loved father.

    I shall be thinking and praying for you all on the 30th.

    May the love of our Father be with you all during this time. I pray for peace and abundant love for you all.

    Always here should you ever need to have a chat.

    Mrs Armstron g

    Lisa Staub for Georgie
  27. Dearest Lisa, I am so saddened to read your message. If you would like to talk, I am here to listen. How are you coping? And your beautiful babies? I’m sure your dad will welcome Michael with open arms and they will together watch over you and your children from heaven. I know we aren’t always in touch but you know I love you always. What’s your address baby girl? Love you. Cass x ps. Love from Dad and mum x

    Lisa Staub for Casey
  28. You are a strong, kind and beautiful woman Lisa and don’t you forget that. You have the support of angels around you, who are here to help you through this difficult time. Just don’t be too proud or afraid to ask for that support. I will be there to bid Michael farewell, may his kind soul Rest In Peace. If you need a good long hug I’ll be there.
    Sending you lots of love, as always
    Magda and the boys xx

    Lisa Staub for Magda
  29. Oh Lisa, I am so so sorry to hear. I haven’t known what to say as sorry doesn’t seem quite enough. Please know you and the boys have been and continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Much love Tracy & family xx

    Lisa Stain for Tracey Bhcs
  30. Dear Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this news. I had no idea Michael had passed away. My love & prayers are with you & your family at this difficult time. I appreciate your message.
    May or Heavenly Father wrap his arms around you & comfort you, give you strength & bless you as you continue to walk his path.

    Lisa Stain for Anthea
  31. Beloved Lisa and Children

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Michael’s death. He was a wonderful man and leaves a beautiful legacy …  and you will all miss him for the rest of your life. His sojourn in life however ended with a beautiful salvation.  The only reason that he won’t come back to visit you is because your are already with him in HIS … spiritual … future. 

    Such is the nature of the spiritual life which has accompanied every human being since the advent of the first human being on the planet. But this realization won’t stop you missing him dreadfully.

    In January … after the extremely hurting time of the funeral … I shall contact you and we shall meet … and Our Beloved Majesty will impart a special sense of personal comfort to you.

    Love to you all


    Lisa Stain for Chris
  32. My beautiful & oldest friend in the world. Mum & I watched over you today. Many a tear was shed remembering the love Michael & you shared, his cheeky smile & that beautiful mop of hair all three of your beautiful boys inherited. We were both so proud of you & your three beautiful boys!! Both mum & I were with you in spirit as I’m sure dad was, giving you strength & faith in your journey. In my heart I know Michael is now with dad in heaven, most likely talking about power tools!! Mum & I will give you a call in the coming days. We are always here for you xoxo

    Lisa Staub for Qld Heather and Penni
  33. Dear Lisa this is so amazing. The one true love is the most beautiful we can ever have and yours is one that is blessed upon you by our beloved Saviour. He gifted you with an amazing love and kindness. I shall come by on Saturday afternoon around 1pm. God bless you and your family. Love and kindness. Edith and Morgan

    Lisa Staub for Edith
  34. The colour of arch angel Michael! How fitting is that.
    Sending huge hugs dear lady.
    I can’t believe how much your boys have grown & changed! I hardly recognised Thomas! Congratulate him on a lovely speech.
    You were so calm & seemingly at peace.
    Be kind to yourself during the grieving process.

    lisa staub for NSW Rod Cody
  35. I just wanted to say thank you with all of my heart for holding such a beautiful send off today and most of all for bringing him happiness and love beyond words and caring for him until his last day xx

    lisa staub for eldest daughter Cherie
  36. Good Morning Lisa My Heart Is With The Staub Family! May Our Heavenly Father Continued To Send Blessings Upon You And Your Wonderful Family… In Jesus Name! Amen

    lisa staub for Kim and Connie
  37. Thank you dear, dear blessed people, for your love and beautiful heart felt support for beautiful Michael and us his family and friends. So my love is sent to you all in Blessed Holy Spirit and Pray, sending out my thank you’s and reminding you of God’s spoken word and the Peace and Glory that can be experienced in Reverently praying ” Out Loud “, The Lords Prayer. So from yesterday’s send off, for Michael, to you beautiful human beings, I am praying you are ready to embrace God’s Love. Oh how Jesus loves us and has already showed us! Please don’t let the deceptions of the world fool you or keep you from our Saviours Love and Innocent Heart. Ohh how He love us!

    And as texted today to you, remember the photo of the sky yesterday with a complete halo around the sun and a heavenly heart shaped cloud. WOW! Receiving these awesome confirmations just completed my day. Glory, Glory, Glory! I Miss Michael already. Please keep the texts and visits coming over the next few months, surrounded and absolutely saturated in love speaks so boldly to my heart. Thank you and let us not forget….to Thank Jesus! and EXALT HIM TO THE HIGHEST, just like these images, as He prepares a way for us. Amen. Warriors of Heart, Warriors of Love. How strong God made us, for a time such as this. Amen.

    Kindness Wife of Beautiful Michael, Lisa Staub and sons Thomas, Ammon & Joseph.

    Lisa Staub loving wife of Michael
  38. Dear Lisa, Thomas, Ammon and Joseph
    I am thinking of all of you after that big day yesterday. Thank you for inviting me to be there by video. It was a privilege to join with you.
    My sympathy, condoleces and prayers are with you. Michael was a great man.
    Love From
    Elizabeth Cutler

    lisa Staub for Elizabeth
  39. Dear Lisa, Thomas, Ammon and Joey,
    Yesterday was a very sad day, but a beautiful celebration of Michael’s life. You dear Lisa, Thomas, Cherie and Stephanie all gave such heartfelt tributes. It was so touching to listen to your loving memories of life with Michael. He really touched everyone’s lives with his bigger than life smile and sense of humour. It was a privilege to have been his cousin and will miss him dearly. I remember his great workmanship and still have some of Michael’s furniture that he made for us. Even our kitchen was made by Michael. My Mum and Dad’s built in lounge room furniture was Michael’s handy work as well. So Michael may have physically left us but his many beautiful memories will always live on. I’m only sorry I ran out of time to give a tribute. So I’m giving my tribute to you and the family in a letter. There are many family members in Germany who I’m sure would have come to join us yesterday, but will have listen to the beautiful service via live-streaming. Armin, Gabi and David Kuchler, Ewald, Hedi, Ewald junior, Alex and Gunter Kuchler and Angelika Plaicher all send their deepest sympathies and condolences to you at this sad time.
    I think you can be very proud of your boys. They are fine young men who will keep Michael’s memories alive in so many ways. It might be in their likes and dislikes, mannerisms, looks…Ammon is certainly a chip of the old block, a real gentle giant and budding guitar player, Thomas has those big Michael eyes and Joey is a red haired version of Michael. But that’s only half of Michael in each of the boys, because I see half of you in each of the boys as well. The boys are lucky to have you as their Mum. I can see you are the rock of the family and the guiding light.
    I’m sorry we didn’t spend more time each year together as an extended family celebrating different milestones. We started a couple of years back, but would have been better earlier. I guess that’s something we can work on in future. To me family is everything and I love nothing more than keeping family together. Please don’t be a stranger, feel free to pop in any time you feel like a chat. Our door is always open to you and the boys. Now that Matt and Anita have left home, we have plenty of spare rooms if you and boys want to stay over.
    Michael was a good man and will be watching from above with great pride over you, the boys and the rest of the extended family. Now he can join his Mum and Dad over a Kaffee und Kuchen each day, watching you and the boys go about your life.
    Thank you for including us in the celebration of Michael’s life yesterday and the wonderful hospitality at your house afterwards.
    My brother Peter sends his apologies for not coming to the funeral, since he had booked a trip away earlier.
    Lots of love ❤️ hugs and kisses Ed and Gaby

    Lisa Staub for Cousin Gaby