In Loving Memory
Joyce Elizabeth Howard


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A Funeral Service for
Joyce will be held
in the Blair Chapel at

Springvale Botanical Cemetery
600 Princes Highway, Springvale on
Monday 30th August 2021
commencing at 1.30 p.m.

Should you wish to send your personal condolences
to the family, please leave a message on the
“Leave a condolence” link located on this page.

Condolences / Guest Book

  1. Aunty Joyce was a beautiful Lady and a gentle soul, and was truly Loved by her brothers Stan & Gray and her sister Shirley.
    Our love and thoughts to Janine & Elaine and their families at this sad time
    Gary & Jenny Baker

    Gary & Jenny Baker
    • Thank you so very much for your thoughts and kind wishes to us. I thank you both and truly appreciate your words and how interested you are in Mum and her family’s history. It is lovely to hear from you Gary and Jenny, albeit here, under these circumstances. But I truly do thank you on behalf of Mum who would feel very happy by what you have said about her and her family’s love and regard for one another throughout their life times. xxxxx

  2. So sorry for your loss J & E. Aunty Joyce was a welcome presence at every major event in our lives. She will be missed.
    Love and prayers
    Ron and Cally.

    Ron and Carolyn Koerntjes
    • Thanks Cally and Ron, missed you today as we do Uncle Mick, Auntie Allie and Lionel, Dad, and Mum now too. ❤ Thanks for being there just the same xx

  3. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. She was a lovely lady. I’m so sorry we can’t be there for you all at this time.
    Take care.

    NELLA and Frank
  4. Janine and Elaine, our thoughts have been with you over this journey and during this sad period in your life. It is unfortunate that we will not be able to be their with you tomorrow to say farewell.
    Dawn Baker/Alan Baker

    Alan Baker
    • Hi Auntie Dawn, Hi Alan, thank you for all the help and interesting history you gifted to me about Mum as a girl and about her family and their tough times. Mum never really elaborated about her past, she was a “now” person. I am forever grateful of your company on Friday. I’ll never forget it. So kind. You’re the brains trust Auntie Dawn. Aren’t we all so lucky to have you in our lives! Xxx

  5. Dear Janine and Elaine and your families,
    Memories of the happy times we all enjoyed in days gone by.
    Love from (Aunty) Edie xx

    Edith Wood & Family
    • Thank you so much Aunty Edie for your kind and thoughtful words. We certainly did enjoy some very happy times, lovely memories to reflect back on. xxxx

    • Thank you “Woodies” so very much. I am very lucky to have special memories of Mum and Dad. They loved us both sooo very much and l do miss, well them both very much. And yet the world still turns and the sun still shines. Right now it’s hard to look at all that. But thank you for coming. I love you all. Xxx

  6. I met Joyce a long time ago now when she came to live with Elaine and I continued to keep in touch visiting her at the Gables every now and then. Joyce was a kind cheerful, interesting and interested person and I am sorry that she has now passed. From personal knowledge I can assure all her friends and family that Joyce was very well cared for over all the years – the love care and commitment to her personal wellbeing shown by Elaine, Stephanie, Emily and Mosh was wonderful particularly over the last months when Elaine barely left her side going in each day to feed her and sleeping by her bedside overnight to ensure that her needs were met. There were also the many hours taking on the administrators and advocating for Joyce’s care at the Gables with much support from Emily and Steph. Joyce knew she was being cared for and that she was loved and not alone in those last months which I’m sure provided great comfort to her.
    Carole Richards – friend.

    Carole Richards
    • Awwww Auntie Carole, the Auntie our girls were asking tonight for where we’re you then, there you were for them and for Mosh n l too. You just know …. thank you for all that you do and for the times you’ve been a visiting with Mum. She loved seeing you and you were always interesting to chat with. Ya had some good laughs with Mum and that’s the best. Thank you for always being there for us and the girls world’s best Auntie who knows us sooo well. We love you ❤

  7. What a lovely lady Joyce was, with quick wit and fun banter with Elaine, especially on those nice warm afternoons in the courtyard garden in full bloom. Lovely to meet your family Joyce and your kind, nurturing and thoughtful grandaughters. I hope you are having a nice time catching up with friends in heaven. Kind Regards Selga

    • Hi Auntie Dawn, Hi Alan, thank you for all the help and interesting history you gifted to me about Mum as a girl and about her family and their tough times. Mum never really elaborated about her past, she was a “now” person. I am forever grateful of your company on Friday. I’ll never forget it. So kind. You’re the brains trust Auntie Dawn. Aren’t we all so lucky to have you in our lives! Xxx

    • Ohhhh beautiful Selga, the lady with the smile, beauty and boundless kindness all in the one package! You were such a sweet and kind friend to Mum. Cheering her, spending time with Mum and even spoiling her now and then. So very very kind you are Selga. I thank you for all the kindness you gave to Mum and to myself and Stephanie n Emily n Mosh. ❤ you’re one in a million xxxxx

  8. To Janine &Tony, Elaine & Mosh and all your families.
    Fond memories of your Mum, (Auntie) Joyce at all the Family dos. Always happy to have a chat and hear what everyone was up to. Thinking of you all today as you celebrate her life.
    Virtual hugs and kisses from the Wood Clan

    Greg Wood
    • Hi Guys, thank you so much it’s lovely to know you dropped in to be with us today, with Mum, for Mum l miss her a great deal, our Monkey Mum popping out of bed and then sitting up on the floor in the middle of the wee hours with a big smile on her face. Probably sometimes cos she knew l would be there soon as l dragged me butt to her door. Cheeky wasn’t she? I love her very much. And Dad. Soooo much. Thanks for coming xxx

  9. Condolences to Janine .Tony & family passing of beautiful lady xx
    Our thoughts are with you today as Covid lockdown stopping us giving you hugs.
    Sending our love xx

    Caroline & vinny Giuliano
  10. Sorry that we can’t all gather together today to celebrate the life of Aunty Joyce. We will keep many fond memories of the family gatherings and parties over the years in our hearts.
    Sending our love, prayers and deepest sympathy to all the family. xox

    Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.
    May she rest in peace.

    Loredana, Christopher and Sophia Guinane
    • Thank you Loredana, Christopher & Sophia for your thoughtfulness, kind words and prayers, they are very much appreciated xxx

    • Thank you it’s a lovely feeling in my heart that you guys dropped in to see Mum off. Thank you sooo much for your beautiful message. It’s wonderful to hear from you. Be well and stay healthy.

  11. May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well-lived.
    Our love, L & G x

    Lucy & Glenn
    • Thank you Lucy and Glen, you cake was delicious and your wishes are a great idea! The flowers were really lovely and they’re still kickin! Thanks so much for everything ❤

    • So very glad to hear it was lovely. That would make Mum sooo happy. Especially from her darling flower girl! All those years ago. Sorry l missed you this afternoon Cally, l love you. Be well dear cousin xx

  12. Dear Elaine, Janine & family,
    Remembering gorgeous Joyce so fondly today. I used to chat with Joyce nearly everyday when I visited mum at the Gables and the three of us shared a special bond. I got to know Joyce well and I miss her sense of humour and laugh. I feel sure she is sipping tea and again holding my little Heather mum’s hand in heaven where they continuing their friendship and guarding over all of us.
    Such a great blessing to have mums who loved us so much and whom we continue to love eternally.
    Sending you all love and hoping your draw strength from many wonderful memories.
    Love, Katrina xx

    • Ohhh beautiful loving Kat, thank YOU and you’re gorgeous Mum Heather who l still miss. It’s the hardest day … and just soooo sad. Thank my dear friend.

    • Dear Katrina, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words, our mums certainly had a lovely friendship at Gables didn’t they! We thank you for your friendship too, with love Janine & Tony xx

  13. My love to you all, I wish you comfort and peace. Thank you for allowing us all to reminisce from a distance, and together, celebrate a life filled with laughter and love.
    Blessings, Ann-Elise

    Ann-Elise Koerntjes
    • Hi Ann-Elise, thank you for coming and sharing the day with us to say goodbye to Mum. It was a lovely day for our lovely Mum. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and sending your love xxx