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John Francis Quilligan

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A Funeral service for
John will be held at
David W Bull Pakenham Funeral Home,
190 Princes Highway, Pakenham on
Friday 21st August 2020
commencing at 1.30pm.
A private cremation will follow.
Invite only due to the
current Government restrictions

Please click on the link below to view
the live stream Funeral Service for John
which is scheduled to commence at
1.30pm on Friday 21st August 2020.

Click to view live stream of John’s service

Should you wish to send your personal condolences
to the family, please leave a message on the
“Leave a condolence” link located on this page.

Condolences / Guest Book

  1. He was the most kind, generous man to our family. My children loved him very much. Everyone at the shopping centre loved him. Always had a joke with staff. Everyone got to know him on a personal level. He always made people feel very special. I will never forget him. He would have given you the shirt off his back. I know he will be greatly missed. I love you John. You will always be in my heart.

    Jenny Phillips
  2. Thank you John for being such a great customer then friend.. I will miss your humour, your kindness and positivity. Fly free my friend. Will miss you lots xx

    Sara Baigent
  3. John, or as I used to refer to him as, ‘old man’. Our banter was one I will forever treasure. He was always a beacon of positivity and optimism, no matter what kind of a day he was having. He had a heart of gold and was one of the most generous people I knew. He helped me and my family countless times, and saw potential in me before I ever saw it in myself. I will always be grateful to the opportunities he gave me, the kindness he showed me, and the strength he taught me.
    John, I will never forget your humour, your advice, and the brightness you brought to every room. Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart. I will miss you every single day.

    Mariah Vowles
  4. We are very sorry to hear your sad news. Our deepest condolences to Colleen, Rebecca, Tamara, Barry and the extended family. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you all in your time of grief.
    May your loving and happy memories of John bring you peace, comfort and strength. God bless you.
    Aunty Liz, Uncle Brian and all of the Lawler/Watson family.

    Elizabeth and Brian Lawler
  5. On behalf of all the staff at Proshift I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to all of John’s family at this sad time. John was a remarkable person and an inspiration to many. Despite all the difficulties with his health he always had a positive and philosophical attitude and refused to show outwardly the battles that daily confronted with. He was much loved and is sadly missed.

    Allan Toogood
  6. I had the great joy of working with John over the many years and considered him a friend. He always approached life with a smile, a joke and boundless optimism and he taught me to do the same. He was kind and generous and would do anything for anyone and I find myself extremely fortunate to have had the chance to know him. I will miss him dearly. Rest in peace John.

    Barbara Ferruccio
  7. Dear Colleen, Tamara &Barry – Paul and I are so sorry for your loss. John was a larger than life man and his company was always enjoyed – I am glad I got to speak with him over the past few years when we cared for Margaret. Sending you all much love and our thoughts are with you all at this sad time ❤️Kathy & Paul Molnar

    Kathleen and Paul Molnar
  8. I am so blessed and fortunate to have known such a kind hearted, generous, funny, and positive person
    John always showed courage, determination and never let anything bring him down, he was one of the strongest people I know.
    He made us all laugh whenever in his presence, and had the ability to make people feel special.
    I was so incredibly lucky to know you John, and I thank you for always making us smile, and sharing your stories with me throughout the years.
    I will treasure those moments forever and will miss you dearly.
    Cherie Noronho

  9. John and i used to work together at 2 different places, Adler Business Machines and BCC Mita. “Quillo” as he was known as was always a positive friendly person and was well known in the industry having worked in it for many years. He was a good hearted soul and would do anything for you. His warmth and generosity was infectious and he will be sadly missed.

    Michael Budge
  10. We’re going to miss the cheeky phone calls, the dodgy stories, the deliveries of chocolates & sweets because you thought we should all be fatter. For all the health issues you faced you barely complained, you were optimistic and positive and had such a big heart. You loved your family and your grandchildren were your world. We’ll miss you John but at least we can’t blame you anymore for us getting fat. Elaine, Orla, Tia, Kate, Christine & Sally

    Transplant girls
  11. Dear Colleen, Bec, Tam and Baz
    We are so sad for the loss of John.
    He was a larger than life character, so friendly and loyal to everyone but it was his family that brought him his greatest happiness.
    Johnnypops memory will never fade because it lives on through you and his 5 beautiful grandchildren.
    We are all the better for having him in our lives.
    The Torney family

    Julie Torney
  12. Colleen, Bec, Tom, Anna, James & Raphael, Tamara, Dave & Taj, Barrie, Amber & Zoe,

    We are all so sad at your great loss, John will always be remembered by us as not only a very loyal Tigers fan but also a very kind hearted, loving generous man, We admired his character, great strength and determination. His ability to just keep going no matter what life threw at him was amazing. We will miss him so much.

    Paul, Penni, Jesse, John & Suzie Hogan
  13. To the Quilligan family, we are so deeply saddened for the loss of a lovely, generous, larger than life man. John will be sorely missed by our whole family, our lives are richer for having him as our friend. We keep so many fond memories of our families growing up together, starting out at school and sports. Even after we moved our friendship continued and John always made us feel special every time we met. We remember him as a soul who could not help but give, and was surrounded by love because of it. A soul who serves everyone all the time is a great soul who never dies. Thank you for being in our life, Maureen, Greg, Kate, Mark, Ash (your favourite).

    Greg Bell
  14. Colleen and The Quilligan Family,
    Condolences to you all at this sad time.
    We first met John through Seville FC back in the late 90s and what an inspirational man he was, never complaining through immense challenges along the journey and always so generous in every way and he has left a huge imprint on us and I am sure many others.
    Rest In Peace now mate.
    Justin, Tamara, Harry Ben & Matilda O’Dwyer

    Justin & Tamara ODwyer
  15. John was a very kind man with a great sense of humour and who enjoyed making people happy. Our sincerest sympathy to his family.

    Karen & Keith Williams
  16. Dear Colleen, Tam, Dave, Bec, Tom, Barrie and Amber,
    We are so very sorry for your loss. John was such an amazing man who left such a great impression, and I have so many wonderful memories of him. He will be greatly missed.
    Our thoughts are with you during this very hard time and we send you all of our love.
    Emily and Ian Hipwell
    And the Twine Family

    Emily Hipwell
  17. To the Quilligan family,
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of a strong, courageous and beautiful man. A loving husband, father and grandfather. Sending you love, prayers and blessings during this challenging time. Blessings to you all. May John’s legacy live on in all our hearts.
    Love to you all.
    Ashley x

    Ashley Payet
  18. Dear Colleen & all the Quilligan Family
    Our thoughts & prayers are with you at
    this sad time.
    We will always remember Johns strength &
    Optimism dealing with his many health issues
    And never complaining.
    May he Rest In Peace.
    From uncle John & Darka

    John Burnes
  19. Dear Colleen , Tamara, Barrie and Rebecca.
    My heart goes out to you for your loss. John was always a beautiful cousin and a good, kind, generous and loving man. John, you will be missed by many.
    Rip now, you’re up there with the special ones.
    Love always Maryanne, Stu and Charlie ❤

    Maryanne Clark
    • Dear Colleen, Barrie and the entire Quilligan Family,
      John made a very large impression on me in a very short period of time. He was a fighter to the very end, RIP John, our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
      Love Matt and the Bracken Family

      Matt Bracken
  20. Dear Colleen & the Quilligan Family

    We are sorry for your loss. John was always a great cousin and friend to me over the years and took an active interest in where I was at in life and offering strength and support when I needed it.
    I have fond memories of John taking James, Peter, Andrew and myself to the Royal Melbourne Show when we were very young on more than one occasion. We went on every single ride and no expense was spared. He won our hearts with his ability to win the biggest and best toys on the shooting duck range and we returned home with more show bags than we could carry.
    I will miss John’s generosity, thoughtfulness, funny stories, kind heart and friendship. Rest in Peace John. You will be missed greatly and I will cherish our memories of you.
    Victoria and James Watson

    Victoria Watson
  21. Our deepest sympathy to Colleen, Rebecca, Tamara & Barry on the passing of John.
    John always had a smile that was infectious & his humour always had you laughing.
    Even though we haven’t seen John for quite some time, we were kept up to date with how John was going through our dear friend Robyn.
    John had his health issues but was still the same happy person that we remember & will always remember him that way. John was the life of the party in our younger day.
    May you Rest In Peace now John & I am sure you will light up heaven with your charm.

    Bernadette & Max Lawton
  22. Our family thought you were very special. Your generous nature and perseverance were admirable. Your never said no when ever we asked for your help and for this you will always have a special place in our hearts. We will always remember your kindness.
    Our condolences to the Quilligan family.

    Wilson Family
  23. John,
    You’ve been a very valued part of the Hayes Girling Family for years now and will be very much missed.
    Your positive attitude and laughter no matter the personal health battle will long be remembered
    Our deepest condolences to Colleen and all the Quilligan family.

    Andrew, Jana and the Entire Hayes Girling Team
    • To Colleen and the Quilligan family, our love and hugs to you all. May John’s strength give you strength in your time of grief.
      Condolences from Joe and Veronica

      Joe and Veronica Fraraccio
  24. I could not count the number of times John’s Volvo was parked down our drive in Kilsyth growing up. Whether it be John calling in to say “Hi”, another family catch up over Fortune Hut takeaway or Christmas Eve spent together each year.

    When I think of John, I think of his huge heart, his generosity, his sense of humour and I’ll forever remember him as family.

    Sending you my deepest condolences Colleen, Tam, Barrie and family, my thoughts have been with you.

    Lots of Love,
    (or as John affectionately teased “Uga-Lee”, “Rickie LeBron” or “Rickie Corronni”)

    Rickie Fraraccio
  25. To my dearest Uncle John,

    What a beautiful, caring, generous man you were. I have the fondest memories of coming over and spending time with you and the family. I have specific memories of driving in the car with you. Baz was singing at the top of his lungs and you made fun of him. I thought it was so funny. I have memories of you yelling at me and Tam to calm down when we were bouncing off the walls singing and dancing (probably because YOU gave us too much sugar!) I am also thankful for the beautiful bond created between me and my big cuz Bec, my first experience of a special connection with a cousin. I was always bound to be spoilt when I came to visit you- whether it was a pack of new highlighters or stationary or an expensive bottle of perfume – you were always so generous and thinking of others. My beautiful little man Harry also has special memories with you. He will not sleep at night with ANYTHING except the ‘doggy blanket’ you gave him from Vision Australia. I could give him 1,000 thread count sheets and he would still choose that blanket! He also often picks up his white car and says ‘Uncle John’s car.’ He thought it was very cool that you could remove your leg and thought this was the best party trick when you babysat him with Aunty Col. This is just an example of your kind nature and the way you make others feel so special. You seemed to have a story about every medical professional in the area and I loved when we had a laugh about ‘you know who.’ You fought to the very end Uncle John and I am really going to miss you. I often bumped into you at Fountain Gate and even though it’s just a shop, I know that place will be empty without you wondering around, smiling at everyone and making everyone so happy.
    Rest In Peace Uncle John. I’m going to miss you very much and I promise to give lots of ongoing love to your beautiful family.
    Bianca xxx

    Bianca Parsons
  26. Dear Colleen, Bec, Tam, Barrie and families,

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved husband and dad.
    Being able to reconnect with John over the last 12 months and spend time with him has been such a privilege. He was never short of a hilarious story and I would spend the entire time laughing!
    His generosity, humour and his deep love for his family were so apparent and now that legacy lives on in all of you! What an incredible legacy to leave!

    You all spoke so beautifully during the service and I absolutely loved that he got his thank you’s in- signing off in perfect John style by thanking every single person he knew and loved!

    Sending you all so much love xxx

    Lauren Newlands
  27. There are no words to describe the loss of you.
    You always made the Chanel girls laugh with your banter and we so looked forward to you taking a seat with Juke first sprawled all over the floor and felt like you were both at home.
    You loved your family and we felt like we knew them all.
    Thank you for being my friend John 12 years of knowing you and also for the beautiful gifts you gave Caitlin.
    The little seeing eye dogs she still has even though she is now 17.
    The people who had a chance to know you are the blessed ones.
    Take care my friend.

    Vickie D’Monte
  28. A beautiful service for a remarkable man, Johnny! You are one in million! My thoughts are with Tam, Colleen, Barry, Bec and the rest of your wonderful families.
    Wish we all could have been there to give you a hug! All the love to you xoxoxoxo

    Kylie Hodgson
  29. Dear Colleen and all the Quilligan family.
    My sincere condolences at this sad time.
    John was a very generous man and astute businessman who will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.
    All my love and best wishes.

    Greg Phillips
  30. Dear Colleen, Tamara, Barry, Rebecca and family, our sincere condolences. John to us was more than a cousin, to us, just another mate who enjoyed calling a spade a spade, just a good bloke who we enjoyed sharing a laugh with. We’re going to miss him, in particular his larger than life attitude and joy of life. A very fitting tribute. Hoping to catch up soon for a drink or two so we can celebrate and remember John. Love Julie, Trevor, Leah & Rhiannon.

    Trevor & Julie Ashton
  31. Colleen, Tam, Rebecca and Barry,

    We feel very fortunate to have known John and call him our friend. John was such a selfless man who loved his family and friends more than anything. He was such a giver and always took an interest in how we were and what we were doing. We are thinking of you during this tough time and wish we could be with you all to hug you and celebrate John’s life.

    Take good care of one another and we will see you all soon.

    Much Love,
    Michael, Nikki and Mali xoxo

    P.S. It was lovely seeing all of John’s “different” hairstyles…..why was he always telling Michael to get a haircut?!?!

    Michael and Nikki Haar
  32. Condolences to Colleen, Rebecca, Tamara, Barrie and families. John was a funny, kind, generous man and his family was everything to him. To me he was a friend, a boss and a mentor. John will be missed by many but all will have their own memories of a loyal and caring man who would do anything for anybody.

    Della Richards
  33. Our deepest condolences to Colleen, Tamara, Barrie, Rebecca and the extended family on the loss of your much-loved Husband, Father and Grandfather.
    Quillo was a loving, loyal, generous, wise and altruistic man with a sense of humour who truly loved helping friends and strangers alike.
    His courage and stoicism in the face of all the health challenges he had to overcome was inspiring.
    It has been an honour and a pleasure being called his friend and sharing many entertaining times with John.
    May the many dear memories you hold help to ease your pain and continue the example he set for us all.
    Bill, Maryanne, Elizabeth and Joel King.

    Bill King
  34. Dear Colleen and family, I sorry for your loss, We all had lots of fun times back in the St Richards days.
    John was a very kind person who I know will be sadly missed.
    love from Cay Sanders and family
    xxxxx RIP John.

    cay sanders
  35. Dear Colleen, Tamara, Barrie and Rebecca, what a beautiful tribute to John, so loving and caring. He will stay in our memories forever as a great friend and we will miss him sadly. May the loving support of your family and friends help you through this difficult time as well as the kind words John sent to all.
    Peter and Bernie Fraraccio

    Peter and Bernadette Fraraccio
  36. Dear Colleen, Tamara, Barry and all the Quilligan family. We were all so sad to hear of the passing of John. He was truly one of life’s good guys, always with a smile and a laugh, a generous and encouraging word and so much more. Above all he was an inspiration to myself and to so many others.Never one to complain or moan about what might have been but rather to always celebrate life and what it had given him. We will all miss him so much but our lives have all been enriched by his huge heart and generous souls. Vale Johnny.

    James Burnes
    • Dear Colleen and family,

      On behalf of Caulfield Prosthetic Service, I would like to offer our condolences. John was always an absolute delight to work with – always made me and my colleagues feel seen and special- not to mention spoilt with the never ending supply of chocolates! He demonstrated endless patience, generosity and positivity that is rare in today’s world. We were blessed to know him and have the opportunity to care for him. Thinking of you in this challenging time.

      Heather Stewart